Color Chart


Have you been intrigued by the theory of color for healing?
Color is everywhere, and we choose colors to enhance our mood, express our personalities, decorate our living space, choose food, enjoy nature and enjoy visual art. Without color our life would be pretty boring and we would probably not do well without it. Chinese Medicine has shown that color can have a vibrational and nurturing effect on our nervous system and organ function color light will enhance the healing capabilities in the body.

Color light has also been found to have powerful psychiatric effects to help improve mood and function in our daily life.

The autonomic nervous system regulates most of our body functions, such as stress levels. With today’s lifestyles, we see many people suffering from insomnia, eating unhealthy foods, and consistently running on adrenaline. Long-term stress increases cortisol levels in the brain, which can increase your risk for depression, mental illness, and lower life expectancy and can cause many problems in the body such as weight gain, backaches and headaches. Using color therapy can help bring the body back into balance.

Color Chart for helping organ imbalances:


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