I had been suffering with a painful frozen shoulder for months and after 10 minutes of therapy I saw an increase in my range of motion. The following day, I can honestly say I had a Dramatic increase in my range of motion and decrease in pain.

I am blown away how well such an non-invasive treatment works so quickly ! I’ve been a massage therapist for over 15 years and have received many styles of massage therapy. I believe because this treatment is so non-invasive that is better at dealing with injuries than other traditional massage styles.

~ Jane Contreras


“When I went to Judy Bloom with a painful broken shoulder I had very limited movement.  Judy was able to get full range of motion in just two treatments and the pain was greatly reduced.  I highly recommend Judy.  She is compassionate, kind and highly skilled. This new technology is amazing and I believe it will help a lot of people. ”

~ Joe Carrera 


“ I was referred to Judy by a friend, because I suffered with chronic low back and hip pain. Judy applied a combination of techniques using massage, microlight therapy and acupressure.  My back and hip pain improved tremendously after a couple of sessions.  Additionally, for the past 10 years I had severe joint pain and stiffness in both of my hands and fingers and was unable to use them.  After just one 15 minute session with Judy, I could actually flex and bend my fingers for the first time without any pain.  I find her treatments truly amazing and would highly recommend her for pain relief.”

~ Jim Harrison


I received acupressure massage from Judy Bloom, because I was having bladder pain and symptoms of a UTI.  I tried a lot of different medicines and went to various doctors but nothing seemed to work. After the first acupressure visit I was feeling a huge improvement in pain.  After 5-6 treatments I was back to normal and was not experiencing any pain. It was very relaxing and helped me with muscle soreness as well. I would highly recommend
acupressure massage with Judy.

~ Natalie Garcia

I was at my witts end with the neck pain I was experiencing.  I tried cold pads, Epson salt baths, stretching, nothing was helping. I would wake up each morning, suffering from a stiff neck and movement throughout the day would be painful and draining.  I was suffering from chronic neck pain.  Then, I got help from Judy Bloom with color light therapy and massage.  After a few treatments with Judy I experienced much improvement in my range of motion and a decrease in pain.  I now wake up with less pain and experience more energy throughout each day.  I highly recommend you to try her acupressure treatments and massage for all your pain needs.

~Angela Vidal


Acupressure and Tuina Bodywork Gilroy – Monterey Bay