Acupressure and Tuina Bodywork offer a combination of therapies for stress, relaxation and pain relief. Our primary goal is to offer safe, affordable and professional treatments in a comfortable and relaxing environment.

ACUPRESSURE:Acupressure Points and Meridians
Acupressure was founded and developed by the Chinese over many centuries of struggle against disease. It is based upon the traditional theories of Qi (energy), blood, visceral organs, meridians and collaterals, and is characterized by applying special pressing and rubbing methods on
acupressure points, muscular areas, or areas of pain.
Acupressure uses various degrees of pressure to help
relieve affected areas of pain.

QiChinese Medicine characterizes how pain or disease can accumulate. When the flow of Qi or energy is unimpeded there is harmony, balance, and good health. When there are Qi blockages, too much or too little Qi, there is an imbalance, which can lead to disharmony and disease. Everything in the world contains yin and yang energy and everything and everyone is under their influence.  Mind, body and spirit can all be affected.  The body has the innate ability to heal itself and by applying energy to specific acupressure or acupuncture points this helps to bring yin and yang back to the body to regain health again.

Acupressure is different from acupuncture; but similar, acupuncture uses tiny needles inserted at key points in the body.  Instead of needles, we combine  acupressure, through massage and color light therapy. Which helps move circulation, reduce inflammation and naturally relieve pain.

Tuina Massage Tuina Massage is based upon the Yin and Yang principles of Chinese Medicine.  Tuina is a type of massage used to enhance the flow of Qi (energy). “Tui means (push) Na means (grasp).” tuina methods include, kneading, pressing, rolling, shaking and stretching the body to massage the soft tissues, muscles and tendons, which are combined with acupressure techniques to direct the flow of Qi to help open blocked areas of pain in the meridians.

The major focus of application is upon specific pain sites, acupressure points, energy meridians, muscles and joints. Tuina can also be utilized for improving general wellness and helping a variety of other pain ailments.

COLOR LIGHT THERAPYmicrolight therapy:
The new cutting edge technology called color light therapy show rapid results for pain relief.  Light is so important to function in our daily life.   Light has been used throughout history as great sources of healing such as pain relief, injury rehabilitation and even facial rejuvenation. Using a combination of

color light has the power to
naturally enhance healing, relieve stress, and
enhance energy production, which is what our body’s need and thrive for.


HOW DOES COLOR LIGHT THERAPY WORK?   Color light therapy uses an LED Light, (Light emitting diode,). We apply wands or acupressure pads to specific acupressure points or areas of pain and tension on the body, similar to acupuncture, but without the use of needles.  Light resonates with our body and all our cells resonate with electricity.   This will help calm tension and anxiety. Color light therapy has a calming effect that resonates with our own

electrical cells sending endorphins to photoreceptors in our brain. The cells convert light into energy  stimulating ATP production called ( Adenosine triphosphate), thus creating a natural healing response.

Color light therapy releases natural chemicals in the cells to produce, Protein synthesis, oxygenation of nutrients, elimination of waste products, which naturally restore health to the body called homeostasis.  The treatment is non-invasive, painless and  proven to produce rapid results for relieving pain and improving range of motion.  Great for post surgical pain, muscle pain, injury, strain and stress.


Cold Laser Therapy is a painless and proven treatment, which helps stimulate cellular healing and relieve pain and inflammation. Cold Laser emits bio photon energy. Research shows that all living substances emit a weak light, which helps sustain health. Different from hot lasers used in surgery, cold lasers have low power, smaller waves that promote rapid reduction of pain, accelerate healing, growth and repair.

Plan on your first visit being about 90 minutes.
It is important that you are well hydrated before and after your treatment, so make sure you drink plenty of water. Toxins can be released when moving any type of energy circulation. Whether it’s exercise, acupressure or massage, it’s always best to be hydrated.  Please wear loose comfortable clothing, shorts and a light shirt to allow access to acupressure points to reach areas of pain easier.

Side effects are rare, but some people may develop a headache, light headedness, fatigue or dizziness anywhere from the end of the massage, acupressure or color light session to several hours afterwards. WaterThis is why it’s important to drink plenty of water to flush out toxins before and after treatment. This therapy is no where intended to cure or fix a disease. If you have a
serious medical condition you should see your physician prior to any therapy or massage treatment.

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